Desktop Support

RemoteWorks provides desktop support for a wide variety of issues that affect both the Windows and Mac operating systems. We routinely support Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and MacOSX with troubleshooting having to do with hardware, the operating system, and software applications. We will come on site, contact you by phone, or connect to the affected machine remotely, in order to provide the expert-level support that is needed to solve your problem.

When you look to RemoteWorks for technical expertise, you get first-rate service without the expense and burden of employing a full time, in-house technician.

Desktop Support

Remote Assistance

We have the resources needed to remotely assist your team with most networking and voice related issues, installations, and ongoing maintenance and support.

Our technicians utilize customer-initiated remote-support software in order to provide troubleshooting assistance from any location with an internet connection. This versatility significantly improves our incident handling capacity, increases customer service levels, and provides a generally elevated experience for our clients’ end users and support staff. Furthermore, by dealing with issues remotely, we save our customers time and the additional expenses that often result from having to bring technicians on site.


End-user training is a proven method for helping employees come to better understand and leverage the products that a business utilizes. RemoteWorks provides on-site end-user training for a whole host of hardware and software packages. We will work with you to put together a coordinated training program in which one or more of our technicians come to your facility for either individual or group sessions. Flexibility is built into our programs and we structure them to have the scope, depth, and duration that your company deems necessary.

  • Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Applications
  • Electronic Health Record Systems (EHRs)
  • Mobile Solutions
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