Unlimited Remote Support

We have the resources needed to remotely assist your team with most networking and voice-related issues, installations, and ongoing maintenance and support.

Our technicians utilize customer-initiated remote-support software in order to provide troubleshooting assistance from any location with an internet connection. This versatility significantly improves our incident handling capacity, increases customer service levels, and provides a generally elevated experience for our clients’ end users and support staff. Furthermore, by dealing with issues remotely, we save our customers time and the additional expenses that often result from having to bring technicians on site.

Server, Network, & Email Management

Servers are complex machines that drive many of the day-to-day activities companies to perform. RemoteWorks can provide support on any servers that you currently own, as well as offer consultations to help you plan and actualize new server purchases. RemoteWorks has expertise in the design, installation, and support of LAN and WAN infrastructures for small to medium-sized businesses. Functioning as business consultants and IT partners, we structure and strategically implement our clients’ networks so as to provide the greatest competitive advantage.

Backup & Business Continuity

One of the central IT obligations facing any business these days is data backup. RemoteWorks is available to create, maintain, and restore data backups for your company. Our offerings also include online backup services that provide extra peace of mind in the event that physical hardware is somehow jeopardized or damaged during disasters such as fires or hurricanes.

When RemoteWorks manages your backups, you can rest assured that regardless of the circumstances − your business data will be secure and recoverable.

Active Monitoring & Preventative Maintenance

Regardless of industry, organizations require reliable and sturdy network security best practices to prevent, detect, mitigate and defend against network threats. This enables businesses to achieve greater network security while accessing critical security features to address security threats more efficiently.

Dedicated IT Account Manager

We enhance our services by providing a dedicated IT account manager that measures and tracks value delivered to the internal client, mitigates and escalates issues, and monitors account(s) progress against strategic/tactical plans, as defined by the account leadership team. Our staff is passionate about establishing and maintaining client business-level strategic relationships and providing superior sales account management that is mutually beneficial for both parties.
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